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Based on Numerology

Use the power of numbers to enhance your life!
Total the numbers on the back of your new pendant.
Example: Top half of the domino totals a 6, bottom half totals a 7. 6 + 7 = 13
Always bring the number down to a single number.
Then add those numbers together 1 + 3 = 4.

1 - One’s are about new beginnings. This number will support you in new adventures with high energy and leadership. Want support you in starting something new, assists you in feeling strong within yourself.

2 - Two’s are about partnership, cooperation and peacemaking. Wanting to attract a partner or support your relationship then a pendant with a 2 is for you!

3 - Three’s are about learning, communication and inspiration. Want to play and have fun or enhance your communication, then a #3 pendant is for you!

4 - Four’s are about you in being more grounded and feeling more support in your life. 4 helps with foundational building and structure in your life. Want to feel more connected to your home and family life, then a 4 pendant is for you!

5 - In numerology a Five will support you with change and new opportunities. We as a planet are going through tremendous change right now! If you want to feel more
support with the changes, then a 5 pendant is for you!

6 - A Six will support you in giving more love, balance and service to others. 6 will also help you with day to day responsibilities. Want more love and support from
others, give support and love, then a 6 pendant is for you!

7 - A Seven will support you in seeking truth, spiritual pursuits, wisdom and knowledge. Want to have more faith in this changing world, then a 7 pendant is for you!

8 - An Eight will support you with money, 8 is an alchemical balancer between physical and non physical world. Supports letting stuff and energy go. Want to have more magic with money in this changing world, then this pendant is for you!

9 - A Nine will support you in bringing a project to a close or to work on humanitarian pursuits and help you prepare for the next cycle in your life! Want to have more compassion in this changing world, then a 9 pendant is for you!

If your domino has a Blank back side - this too is a powerful manifesting tool! Consider it a blank slate to manifest what every your heart desires. The power of the Universe and all
the infinite possibilities await you! ©

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